The latest addon is 1.9 (updated on 23Nov2010).

As a reminder, the online tutorials will help you to build "Our 1st FB App (PHP SDK) v1.0".


Mailing List Service

Note that before downloading starts, you need to complete a survey provided by CPALead.

Sorry that I won't accept email asking for a copy of it. If you have difficulties in completing the surveys or do not want to do that, you can consider subscribing to our mailing list service. For USD29.99 per year, any eBook and free demo application source code packages published here will be sent to you. Payment can be made via PayPa (my paypal account is For details, please send email to

Setting up the Base Application (v1.4)

First of all, download the source package for v1.4 (this would be the base version for future add-ons).

(version 1.4 source package)

Before uploading the files to your web application server, please perform the followings:


Applying the Add-ons

Once you have setup the base application, you can base on your need to download the corresponding add-ons.

To install the add-on, simply add the files to your base application folder and upload them to your web server. Especially instructions, if any, will be included in the readme.txt of each add-on.


Thank you for downloading the source package!! And in case you have any problems on the code, send me an email and I will try to help.

You can test drive this demo application by visiting here.