The migration of our demo application "Our 1st FB App" is completed and is named as "Our 1st FB App (JS SDK IFrame).

You can test drive it here.


Using the JavaScript SDK to write an iframe application is a little bit tricky especially on the login / session handling. This is because it is embedded in Facebook's pages as an iframe and so it is somehow "isolated". And if you are going to handle the login / establishing the user session, you need to "notify" the outer Facebook page (so that, for example, the Facebook header can reflect the latest login status).

Stay tuned.... a eBook will be coming soon.


Source Package Download

Meanwhile, if you want, you can download the full source package of "Our 1st FB App (JS SDK IFrame) v1.0". Note that before downloading starts, you need to complete a survey provided by CPALead.

Sorry that I won't accept email asking for a copy of it. If you have difficulties in completing the surveys or do not want to do that, you can consider subscribing to our mailing list service. For USD29.99 per year, any eBook and free demo application source code packages published here will be sent to you. Payment can be made via PayPa (my paypal account is For details, please send email to

Our 1st FB App (JS SDK IFrame) v1.0