The "Invite My Friends" page is not that hard to migrate, but yet it is not easy.

There is only one thing that we need to do here, that is migrating the <fb:request-form> and <fb:multi-friend-selector> FBML tags.

The major difficulties that I faced in doing the migration is lack of well organized information from the official doc (it takes time to find it).


User Experience in Accessing the migrated "Invite My Friends" Page

The following processing will be adopted when the "Invite My Friends" page is loaded:


After sending the invitation, the user will be redirected back to the "Welcome" page.



Coding the "Invite My Friends" Page (invite.php)


A Little Trick

So far, for all the migrated pages, we will have the page parse for rendering the XFBML tags in calling FB.init.

However, as it invokes sending the <fb:serverFbml> rendering request back to Facebook, I have turned off the XFBML parsing feature in calling FB.init and the following processing is used:


That's all for this tutorial.

You can test drive the demo of Our 1st FB App (JS SDK) by visiting here.