After completing the online tutorials on "the Old REST Client Library & FBML" and "The PHP SDK and the Graph API", here comes the 3rd series of the tutorials. (BTW, I would still keep update the first 2 series when I get something that want to share with you.)


Position of the JavaScript SDK

According to the official documentation,

Based on the above description, you may find using the JavaScript more suitable in the following scenarios:


Getting the JavaScript SDK

The JavaScript SDK is open source and is available on GitHub. You can also find some examples there.

I have tried to see what is the current version of the JavaScript version. It seems that unlike other SDKs, there is no simple versioning mechanism for this SDK. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the javascript will be loaded from Facebook's server at runtime when the pages using this SDK are loaded and we cannot control which version to use.

The official documentation for the JavaScript SDK is located here.


Stay tuned for more tutorials on using the JavaScript SDK.