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This is definitely one of the best sites that you can find updated information about Facebook Development. It includes step-by-step tutorials, sample application and eBooks. A FAQ section is also included that has the answers for the problems that you encountered in doing Facebook development.

My Blog

With my blog Wing's Blog on Facebook Development created, hopefully this will be a better way for sharing with on any news related to Facebook development, update on my site. Besides, for valuable information that you will be interested in but not suitable for writing it as a FAQ or a tutorial, I will put them up in my blog too. So check out the blog whenever you have time!

Note: my blog had been moved from to already.

Latest News

Click HERE for the latest news related to Facebook Development and major update in this site.

In particular,


The FAQ had been moved to here (or you can go there by using the menu sidebar).

Step-by-Step Tutorials on Facebook Development

The Step-by-Step Tutorials are now moved to its own index page here.

Dev Tools

I have developed some tools to facilitate developing facebook application. In particular,

Download Area

The download area is here.


I have written some applications and they are for sell at a reasonable price. Click this for more details.

Useful Resources

I have listed down some of the resources related to Facebook Development here.