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About ...

When I started learning development on Facebook, I have been searching for tutorials and information but at that time, I was a bit disappointed. The number of useful resources available and their coverage are less that what I expected (may be it is just me that I could not find them).

Another issue that makes it hard to start learning Facebook development is that there are numerous ways (libraries/SDKs, languages, approaches) that we can use for developing FB apps. And at the same time, Facebook is evolving the way how people 'should' develop FB apps or integrating Facebook to their websites by releasing new API, data model, SDKs etc. As a result, new comers may get lost easily and need to spend some time just to get familiar with the environment, searching and reading existing documentation.

Hoping to help you learning how to develop FB apps or integrating Facebook to your website is the driving force for me to build this web site. The pages here are sharing of my experience, documenting what I have found, tried, understood and learnt. I hope you will find them useful!

If you find any errors or I have misunderstood anything of the concept, please kindly let me know! And Before you start reading the tutorials, I would suggest to have a take at this FAQ article first.