23GB Free Space for your Dropbox account!

If you are using dropbox, then there is a easy way for get an extra 23GB FREE!

For those who are using Android devices,

  • uninstall your existing dropbox app
  • then go to http://goo.gl/xBGEZ and install the dropbox app
  • start the newly install app and then login to your existing dropbox account
  • then go to the settings page, you should notice that you have earned an extra of 23GB free disk spakce
  • go to your PC and visit http://www.dropbox.com/gs, you should notice that the same.

For those who does not own an Andriod devices,

  • visit http://bluestacks.com/ and download the Andriod App Player
  • use the browser inside the Andriod App Player (or you can install Firefox within it first), then visit http://goo.gl/xBGEZ and install the dropbox app
  • start the newly install app and then login to your existing dropbox account
  • then go to the settings page, you should notice that you have earned an extra of 23GB free disk spakce
  • go to your PC and visit http://www.dropbox.com/gs, you should notice that the same.


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Facebook aims to cut down the number of spamming wallposts in user’s profile page

Since the release of the timeline profile, a declining trend in the number of spamming wallposts in one’s profile page is observed.

Facebook has moved further by having a plan to remove the ability to post to a user’s friends’ walls via the Graph API.

See if you apps are being affected by this proposed change.  If your apps are being affected, then it is recommended to invoke the feed dialog so that user can publish the wallpost to his friends’ walls interactively instead of having your apps to perform the wallpost publishing via Graph API.  Besides, Facebook has mentioned that stories that include friends via user mentions tagging or action tagging will show up on the friend’s timeline (assuming the friend approves the tag).  So, may be you can consider that as an option too.

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Better Dialogs for Canvas and Page Tab Apps on Facebook

In the latest Facebook Developer’s blog, Facebook announces that

Platform dialogs are all built to run in a variety of display contexts on both the desktop and mobile web. As part of our continued efforts to make these dialogs work smoothly in all contexts, dialogs, such as Feed DialogPay Dialog and Auth Dialog, will now open inline by default as a modal overlay for Canvas and Page Tab apps. These dialogs provide a better user experience than previous pop-up dialogs and do not require the user to turn off pop-up blockers. For more information, please see our documentation.

Other than having the possibility of opening the Auth Dialog as a modal overlay, I think the major benefit of making this move is that we now have a more consistent way of displaying the platform dialogs instead of seeing modal overlay in some cases but pop-up dialogs in some other cases.

Thanks Facebook team for bring me feature to us.

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VirtualBox 4.2.0 released!

The VirtualBox team today released a significant new version of Oracle VM VirtualBox, its high performance, cross-platform virtualization software.

This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:

  • Improved Windows 8 support, in particular many 3D-related fixes
  • GUI: VM groups (bug #288)
  • GUI: expert mode for wizards
  • GUI: allow to alter some settings during runtime
  • Support for up to 36 network cards, in combination with an ICH9 chipset configuration (bug #8805)
  • Resource control: added support for limiting network IO bandwidth; see the manual for more information (bug #3653)
  • Added possibility to start VMs during system boot on Linux, OS X and Solaris; see the manual for more information (bug #950)
  • Added experimental support for Drag’n’drop from the host to Linux guests. Support for more guests and for guest-to-host is planned. (bug #81)
  • Added support for parallel port passthrough on Windows hosts
  • Enhanced API for controlling the guest; please see the SDK reference and API documentation for more information

Besides, there are numerous fixes and minor items added.

You can download the software from:  http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

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New Notifications API for apps on Facebook.com

Facebook had just launched a beta version of the new Notifications API for apps on Facebook.com that enables Facebook application developers to send short, custom messages to their existing users through the Facebook notifications jewel.

Just like sending Facebook AppRequest, we can send notifications to any existing user that has authorized the app. No special or extended permission is to required.  When a notification is delivered, it lights up the user’s notifications jewel on Facebook and appears in the drop down.

If you ask what are the differences between sending notification, sending fbAppRequet and publishing a wallpost to user’s or his/her wall, my view:

  • User can send Facebook AppRequest to his/her friends that has not yet authorized our apps.  So, Facebook AppRequest can be acted as some kind of invitation.
  • Notification is more direct and supports templating
  • Wallpost is more suitable for publishing story-like post/information that may include picture, message caption and details.  It may be useful especially if you foresee that user and his/her friends are further interactive on the wallpost via writing comments.  Yet, publishing wallpost requires the publish_stream/publish_actions permission

For more details information on the notifications API, see Facebook documentation HERE.

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Field Expansion in Facebook’s Graph API – a new feature

Just 30-minutes ago, Facebook has announced in its blog that Graph API now support “Field Expansion”.

According to Facebook,

Field expansion significantly improves performance for API calls and reduces your coding effort for retrieving data from the social graph. You can now make advanced Graph API queries to get the exact data you need, in fewer API calls. You can also create nested queries, similar to what you can do with FQL multi-queries. The call response maintains data hierarchy, so you don’t have to post-process the data either.

Tehcnically,  it allows us to effectively “join” multiple graph queries into a single call as long as we are getting data on connected objects.

For details, see Facebook’s documentation on Field Expansion.

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Best offer of the year! 40% off on all Hostgator hosting packages

This is the largest special offer Hostgator ever ran so far this year!

Starting today, HostGator is offering 40% off on all of our shared hosting packages! Both Linux and Windows Hosting are included!

This promotion wil last until 31 August 2012.

To get the discount, make sure you access hostgator via this link.

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Facebook PHP SDK v3.2.0 released!

Just in case you are not aware of, Facebook PHP SDK v3.2.0 has been released on 03Aug. It can be downloaded from the official site.

If we compare the latest vesrion (for which the zip file is marked as facebook-facebook-php-sdk-v3.1.1-76-g98f2be1.zip) to to facebook-php-sdk-v3.1.1-31, we have the following enhancement Items:

  • Adding ability to extend tokens
    This adds the ability to get extended tokens. Most folks use the JS client-side flow to auth users, which generates a short-lived token. They can now call extendAccessToken() in order to get an long-lived token.
  • Providing sharedSession support for better security on shared domains

More information is provided here.

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