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Multi-users Facebook Applications

Have you ever written a facebook application that allows multiple users to interact with each other via your app? if yes, then what kind of app is that? I am thinking of writing one…..

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25% Off for

I have registered today for, planning to host some of my facebook applications there. So far, I have migrated 2 apps there and they are running fine. Just in case you need to get a hosting, you can conisder … Continue reading

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Jan2011 Update Summary for “Wing’s FAQ for Facebook Development”

In Jan2011, the following entries are added to my “FAQ for Facebook Development” Yes, there are few entries in the past month, partly because I am busy with my projects and partly because most of the commonly asked questions are … Continue reading

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WordPress or Joomla?

As you can see, this blog is running under WordPress.  I just notice that Joomla! v1.6 is released recently. So, what are the pros and cons / major differences between these 2 products? Anyone can here?

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A New Year Gift

A new year gift that I received for joining the moderator team of the Facebook Developer Forum!

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Top Events in 2010 Related to Virtualization and Facebook Development

What is the top events happened in 2010 that were related to Virtualization and Facebook Development? For me, my pick of events are: The Release of VirtualBox v3.2 and v4.0 I know this may not be the biggest event in … Continue reading

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no more Short Url! Let’s use LongUrl!

From time to time, I have received and seen short URLs. Usually, the description for those short URLs are attractive… However, not until I visit the link, I cannot tell what the site really is. Now, to avoid phishing, malware, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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