Tips for Submitting Facebook Open-Graph Action for Approval

More and more people use the new Facebook Timeline already and Facebook keeps on enhancing how Facebook application can interact with the user’s timeline profile via open-graph action.

No matter how you use open-graph actions in your application,  your application cannot publish Open Graph actions to all users unless your open-graph actions are approved by Facebook.

Below is how Facebook describes  the process:

This process is straightforward. As soon as your app begins using the Open Graph, all Open Graph activity will be immediately visible to the developers and testers of your app. This allows you to do end-to-end testing of your integration. Once that is complete, submit your actions via the App Dashboard for review. After we have verified that your use of the Open Graph meets our criteria, we will approve your app to publish your Open Graph actions to all Facebook users.

It is simple but it still takes time.  For custom actions and objects, the review process may take about 2 to 3 days.  And for built-in actions and objects, it may take 1 week.

So, to avoid delaying the launch date of your application, we should try to get the approval from Facebook for our first Open-Graph action approval request.   To help us to ensure that our apps are using Open-Graph actions properly, Facebook has provided us a checklist here.

Yet, I would like to supplement one additional point.  Right after you have added any Open-Graph action to your app, the test user “Auth Dialog Preview User” will be added to your app.

Before you submit the Open-Graph action approval request, switch to this test user and make sure you can have the Open-Graph actions published to that user.  This is part of the process that Facebook will check how your application publishes Open-Graph actions.

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2 Responses to Tips for Submitting Facebook Open-Graph Action for Approval

  1. aivei says:

    hello Wing,
    thanks your post to tell me how to submitting open-graph action for Approval,but I have some problem,please help me…:(
    I can ues Open Graph already but when I wanna continue to submit my actions for approval,the message will get wrong .
    I already try to reproduction these steps so many time,that still can’t solve the problem,I don’t know which step to problem?

    these pictures is my problem:

    thank you so much!!!really!!:)

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