Subscribing to data changes using the Real-time Updates API

In a recent Facebook Blog article, Facebook has shared his vision on how application should get the user’s latest changed data via the use of the Real-time Updates API.

A common question we get from developers is how to keep information of Users or Pages using their apps up to date. We wanted to share some of the best practices that can improve the reliability and performance of apps you write on Facebook.

We often see developers querying the Graph API each time a User logs in to their apps to fetch information and update their records. This presents several issues and has a huge hit on performance.

Instead, we encourage you to use the Real-time Updates API that we designed especially for this purpose, allowing developers to subscribe to changes in data in Facebook. Rather than polling Facebook’s servers, your app can then cache data and receive updates whenever the data changes.

Well, it is true that this is one of the most commonly asked topics on applications that works on the user’s latest data.  The documentation on the Real-time Update API is pretty good already when compared to other documentation.

Having said that, there are still people, after seeing the documentation, that still get lost and don’t know why it does not work even they follow the documentation already.  To help you, a set of tutorials was in fact written earlier.

It is located here – Real-Time Update Tutorial.

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