Please pay attention if you are still using FBML for your Facebook apps

As announced by Facebook on its platform Roadmap, on June 6 2012, the following changes will be in effect:

  • Removal of FBML
    FBML apps will no longer work on Platform. The “FBML Removal” migration will appear and will be enabled for all apps. It will be possible to disable the migration, thereby re-enabling FBML, until July 5, 2012 when the migration and all FBML endpoints will be removed completely. If your app is still utilizing FBML, please update your code to use non-FBML endpoints before June 6 to avoid any issues.

Referring to the above announcement, if your facebook apps are still using FBML, then you probably have to check periodically on that day to see when will Facebook make that “FBML Removal” option available.

You MUST monitor that as once this option is available, it will be enabled for all apps by default!  This means your FBML apps will break UNTIL you disable that option!

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