Be careful with “offers” advertised in Facebook

Recently, Facebook had made the “Get Offer” feature available to more countries.

If you want to get those offers, what you have to do are:

  • Click the “Get Offer” link in the advertisement or wallpost of that “offer”.
  • Then you have to confirm that you want to get the offer.
  • Once confirmed, an email will be sent to the email address that you have linked up with your Facebook profile.  It is clearly stated that you have to check and read the email for the details instruction on how to get the offer.
Up to now, everything is pretty safe as they are all controlled by Facebook.  
However, that does not mean you have obtained the offer.
To get the offer, the “final step” is to check and read the mail.  It is usual and expected that there will be links given in that email.  This is where the trick comes in.  Those links are not necessary linked to Facebook and can be anything!  It seems to me that more and more spammers are using this trick!  Today, I have seen a “starbucks offer”.
However, it actually link me to a site “” which my security software are poping up alert for that!!
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