Updates – Inconsistent “Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token” errors

We now get more than 300 comments for the hottest bug report on theInconsistent “Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token” errors.

Since Douglas Purdy has joined the discussion, I think we are moving towards to right tracks on how the issue(s) is/are to be tackled.

Douglas Purdy had made some comments on clarifying the most commonly encountered cases that will lead to “invalid OAuth 2.0”.  Some comments that I think worth looking at include comments #269, #271, #274, #287 (this one is really worth to take a look at).  Use these as the starting point and read the relevant feedback.

If you still encountered this problem after checking that your problem is not related to the above scenarios, I think you can take a look at comment #298 from brett stubbs.  It seems to me that this case (calling FQL and subsequently encountered the issue) is what many developers encounter too.

Reading this bug reports probably reveal some areas that can be further improved.  In particular, the most concerned issue would be about how the changes are published and announced.  Regarding this,

  • I know there is the beta tier… but I really doubt how many of us will be working or testing our apps on this beta tier.
  • The release of new version of the PHP SDK is not properly announced too.
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