The worst move that Facebook made in 2011 on its Dev Platform

2011 is soon to be a history….

In 2011, there are quite a number of big moves that Facebook has made on its development platform. Many of them are great!  To see the official yearly review here. Among them, which one is the worst move?

If I am to make a choice, I would pick “closing the Facebook Developer Forum” as the worst move.

Well, I know “Facebook on Stackoverflow” and the “Facebook Developer Group” are setup as a replacement for the Facebook Developer Forum.  However, with reference to the recent statistical figures, Facebook on Stackoverflow is dying (the response rate is getting lower and lower). The developer group is just not as “reader-friendly” as a forum for us to see what is going on or being discussed in the community.  When you visit it, you may read a few of the topics at the top of the list and that’s all.  You may have missed other important discussion.

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