Testing against Facebook Beta Tier

In the latest Facebook Developer blog article, Facebook has recommended us to test our apps against their beta tier. They even said,

We update this tier daily with the latest changes, before they go into production.

Woo! Daily code update?!  So, does this mean I should test my app in a daily manner?  If this is the case, then why not Facebook name this as “nightly-build tier”?

Frankly speaking, I have never tested my app against the beta-tier.  My reason behind is:

  • Top priority is always given to ensure my apps run perfectly on the production tier.  So, I do the development and test my apps against the production tier.
  • Once the apps are launched, I will keep track of those upcoming breaking changes and do corresponding changes.
  • I suppose Facebook will manage the production tier so as to make sure it is stable and running fine.

I think the only time that I may use the beta tier is that Facebook will be releasing a new feature and at that moment, it is only available in the beta tier.  Having said that, while Facebook is doing a weekly push (or even doing that more frequently),  the new code in the beta tier code will actually be effective in the production tier within a few days.  Therefore, probably at the time I have finished a new app that uses the new feature, testing will then be done on the production tier.

Facebook also mentioned,

If you find any new issues with your app while using the beta tier, please file a bug in our Bug Tracker with detailed steps on how to reproduce the issue and tag the issue with “beta tier”. This will help us catch issues before they are put in front of your users.

It sounds good as Facebook tells us that they care about our testing results in the beta tier.  However, I have checked the Bug Tracker and at this moment, there are 2 bugs reported with the “beta tier” tag.  However, their status are still “New” with no priority assigned.  There is neither comments nor feedback provided by Facebook staff.  This is a bit disappointing as based on track records, if we encounter issues in beta tier and report that, it is very likely that we won’t get any response.

My last comment: make up your mind and see if you want to use the beta tier.

For more details about Facebook beta tier, visit:

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