Step-by-Step Guide for PHP SDK v3.x – Do you need it?

Things get changed a lot since I had published the step by step guide for the PHP SDK.  Well, as the PHP SDK is just a wrapper layer to facilitate accessing Facebook APIs, handling the authentication flow etc, most of the knowledge that you learn in the guide is still applicable.

The major issue that you should be aware of is the change on the PHP SDK class/interface, which is mainly due to the support of using OAuth 2.0.  For how to handle the migration, you can refer to my upgrade notes/sharing on the PHP SDK v3.0.

Having said that, I believe some of you may want to have a single and updated set of tutorials on using the PHP SDK v3.x.  Let’s “like” this article if you want to get it.  If there are strong demand for it, I am more than happy to rewrite my guide.

Thank you all for supporting my web site since its launch!

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