Shall we be allowed to change the canvas size via the PHP SDK?

In Facebook JavaScript SDK, we can use the function FB.Canvas.setSize to set the canvas size.  Shall the PHP SDK provide us with similar function/ feature?

As the PHP SDK is running at the server side, if I am to apply the MVC concept here, the PHP SDK should be dealing with the Model or Controller part.  It can helps to prepare the data for the view part, but it seems odd if the PHP SDK controls the view directly.

If we are able to control the canvas size via the PH SDK, may be we should also be allowed to invoke those Facebook dialogs, e.g. feed dialog, app request dialog via the PHP SDK.

The above thought is triggered when I see the feature request “set canvas size using only php sdk” in Facebook bugzilla.  The request itself is perfect OK.

My main concern is that Facebook team should not try to give us hope / promise for things that in fact will never happen by using those “standard” replies.  I hope Facebook team can provide update once the team has reviewed any bug reports.

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