Numerous well-received FB Apps banned – Facebook Autobot Outbreaks?

I don’t think there is any need for me to explain to you what the Facebook auto-bot does as most of us should have been victims of it already.

But I think today (probably in these 2 days) is really the worst day so far.  The number of reports saying their apps got banned had increased significantly today.  According to the reports, many of the banned apps in fact have been running for a long period of time and are well received (with a lot of MAU, up to millions) with good ratings.

Well, there is no way for us to validate the reported case by others. But the same also happen to me!  one of my apps which got millions of MAU get banned today!  🙁

Listed below are just some of the posts reported,




Please start the Facebook Developer program!!  Instead of USD99 a year, I am willing to pay USD199, USD299, or even USD999.  What I am asking for is to get someone review my app so that if it is 100% TOS compliance, it won’t get banned all of a sudden.

What can we do to improve the situation!?

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2 Responses to Numerous well-received FB Apps banned – Facebook Autobot Outbreaks?

  1. Ozner says:

    Hi, your blog is very interesting and useful. I am not a programmer myself but I’ve been paying for the development of an app based on a idea of mine. The app will be soon online and I am somewhat concerned by this problem. Recently I began to follow the developer’s forum and I hope not to get to know Facebook’s love!
    IMHO a way to put pressure on facebook would be to get these issues knows to the mainstream journals and blogs related to computer, internet, programming and social networks. If enough bad press builds up this could prompt FB to take action. Speaking for me I would be glad to pay 999€ for a pre-validation.

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