New Facebook Application – Facebook Profile Banner Creator (Professional Edition)

Today, the Professional Edition of the Facebook Profile Banner Creator is released!

Demo is now running at
The original demo of the basic edition is now moved to :

To highlight, the following new features are added:

  • Support categories for banner templates with category menu
  • Customizable no. of banners displayed in each user page with “Next/Prev Page” navigation system
  • Admin panels for managing categories and adding new banner templates. No more manual editing or file upload! Features of the admin panels include,
    * managing the categories
    * uploading and auto-resize banner templates from local hard disk
    * setting the categories for uploaded templates
    * pre-processing is done at the upload time, so no more temp files / temp directories needed.

For more info, you can visit my marketplace.

Screehshots are given below:

  • Main application page:
  • Sample Profile Banner Created
  • Admin Panel for Managing Categories
  • Admin Panel for Managing Banner Templates
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2 Responses to New Facebook Application – Facebook Profile Banner Creator (Professional Edition)

  1. Malcom says:

    Hi there, i really loved your demo of this new apps, but theres something you should do to make it even more viral,

    When the picture is displayed on the user profile, a small section of the picture is watermarked to display the apps application page, so curious people would see, and join. without you having to post links, they will just see it watermarked under the banners pic.

    It the apps had that feature, i would have bought it without thinking twice.


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