Never Over-use and Mis-use Facebook Reporting Channels

Regarding to the recent common issue about unexpected delay of getting Facebook app approved after submitting to Facebook App Directory, someone finally has made a bug report in Bugzilla.  The bug report is here.

It is good that we get response from Facebook team on the issue.  But then everybody starts creating separate reports even they are the same issue.

We should use the reporting and communication channel wisely!  As a bug report had been reported on this issue.  So, please instead of creating your own report, check the latest status and comments on that.

Never over-use the reporting channels. For bugzilla, I think it would be best to consolidate the same issue under a single report.  If things go on like this, I can foresee that Facebook team will simply ignore those “not that important” reports…. and it is very likely that once the practice is started, the team will get a higher chance of overlooking the important reports.

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