my user experience is using

I like In particular,

  • It covers a vast variety of technical areas
  • When a question is post, you will get responses quickly
  • People can vote on the questions and answers
  • I like the features of reputations, badges which unlock privileges for users
  • Using tag to do filtering on the questions is easy and nice.  Besides, reader can revise the tags too!
  • Better support on formatting the post. is really a good “Q&A”-style site  But if I were to treat stackoverflow as a forum. I would say there are things that is missed,

  • The current way of showing the topic list is inefficient.  I would like to see a list of the topic title only, instead of overview (including vote counts, summary) of the topics.
  • Similarly, the detail page is not good discussion for interactive discussion.
  • There is no sticky posts feature as in standard forum software.

OK, I know stackoverflow is not a forum….. Besides, I am a newbie in  May be the more I use, I more I will like it!  🙂

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