My Upgrade Experience for Firefox 4

I have upgraded to Firefox 4 when it was first released.  It is nice, starts up faster and has a cleaner user interface providing more room for displaying web pages.

Right after the upgrade, I noticed that the RoboForm add-on does not work  with FF4.  And in order to make RoboForm works again, I have to upgrde my RoboForm from v6 to v7.  However, RoboForm v7 is no longer free!!

So, finally, I fallback my Firefox to v3.6.

Today, when I check for the add-on updates, I notice there is an new vesrion of the RoboForm toolbar (named as RoboForm Lite 2.0.0) and it can work with Firefox 4!

So, I upgraded the RoboForm toolbar and most of all, I upgraded to Firefox 4 too.


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