Managing Test Users via Facebook Developer App

Facebook has further enhanced its Developer App to facilitate managing test users.

Basically, we can now perform the following test user management actions in the enhanced developer app:

  • Edit names of Test Users
  • Make all of the selected Test Users friends
  • Add the selected Test Users to another app that we own
  • Remove the Test Users from this app

Don’t get surprised if you cannot see this new feature in your developer app.  This is because currently Facebook has only started making these features available in the Developer App to a small set of developers.  Facebook plans to make them available to all developers by next week (if it is not going to be delayed).

Based on the description in the Facebook Developer Blog, we will not be able to get the email address and password of the test users.  What a pity! Without the email address and password, we are not able to login to the test user profile manually. For me, I always do the manual login instead of using the login URL as the login URL expires on first use or after one hour whichever happens first.  I don’t want to query for a new login URL whenever I want to test my applications (which may require me to login frequently, say after restarting my browser).

So, at this moment, I would still stick to my own “Test User Management Tools” (which provide much more features than Facebook provides at this moment).

Having said that, if you are new to test users, this feature should be useful to you… at least it should be now easier for you to get started with test users.

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3 Responses to Managing Test Users via Facebook Developer App

  1. Diego says:

    Hello my friend. Today I have created multiple accounts and then created email accounts for them on facebook. What is your method to create test users?

  2. Diego says:

    Can you share with us ? 😀 😀 😀

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