Less Effective Discussion among developers now in Facebook StackOverflow and Facebook Group

By looking at the statistical figures published by Facebook, it seems to me that the no. of questions asked in Facebook StackOverflow every week is less than the number of topics created in now-closed Facebook Developer Forum.

Well, I understand Facebook StackOverflow is used only for asking programming related questions and general issues on Facebook dev platform should now be opened and discussed in the Facebook Developer Group.

But I really missed the Facebook Developer Forum.  For me, I seldom visit Facebook StackOverflow now unless I get a problem that I want to seek help from other Facebook developers (which does not happen very often).  For the Facebook Developer group, I do visit it frequently.  Having said that, it is more and less based on “luck” that I see the discussion thread. Those appears on the top should have more active but the bad thing is that, unlike thread in forum, there is no “subject”.  Besides, it is not that user friendly to see the list of recent threads (unless you scroll a lot).

The only good that is that we have less spam  🙂

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