Improving Facebook Bug Tool – “fix pushed to beta tier”

Recently, I have noticed in the Facebook bug tool that a bug is having a status with something like “fix ready and will be published soon”.

If I were the bug reporter, I would be more than happy to see that.  However, “will be published soon” does not make much sense without a date.

I have raised this internally to the team on the possibility of adding a “fix released to beta tier” status.  Having this status has the following benefits:

  • We, at least the bug reporter, can test the fix in the beta tier.  This is probably the most effective way to confirm the reported issue will be fixed “soon”. And in case the fix does not work, feedback can then be provided in the bug tool.  That improves the turn-around time in handling the bug reports.
  • As Facebook do code push every Tue, we are sure that we will get the fix on the coming Tue.  With this, we can inform / reply our clients when they ask us for “status update”.
  • Facebook is promoting the usage of the beta tier.  I am pretty sure that with this new status, more people will use the beta tier.  Sometimes, we need a way to have users start using a feature … a feature not being used may not mean that feature is bad.  For example, I am not using test user until recently.  But once I use it, I love it!

Hope that the team will accept my suggestion.


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