Hottest Bug Report – Inconsistent “Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token” errors

Interesting enough, the top 10 bug reports in Facebook Bugzilla can be viewed by visiting the link

As expected, with 230 votes casted, the bug report “Inconsistent “Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token” errors” is at the top of list.  (There are only 95 votes for the 2nd top report  “not working: …om/[PAGE_ID]/members?li…”).

And by taking a look at the bug reports, as of today, there are already 260 comments and has 131 users on the CC list.  I believe if we use these numbers to do the sorting, this bug reports will also be the hottest one.

Frankly speaking, this is probably the worst situation that I have seen since I do Facebook development (which is not too longer actually) as I think this hurts a lot of developers and people investing on developing / hosting Facebook apps.

Hopefully, “my” problem was resolved already….. I said “my problem” because if we take a look at the bug report, we still see people reporting that the same problem persists at this moment.  For those case reports, it seems to me that some of them are not exactly the original problem reported.

It is also a bit disappointed to see that bug reports has now turned into a discussion thread (which I think we should use the Developer Forum for).  That does not help too much on the investigation of the problem.

I hope you are now not affected by this problem.  And if it does affect you, I hope “your” problem can be solved soon!

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2 Responses to Hottest Bug Report – Inconsistent “Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token” errors

  1. peterpan1hk says:

    Yes, this bug really hurts… and my cases are solved too.

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