Hot Facebook Bug of the Month – Cannot Submit App to App Directory

I don’t think there will be any doubt that the hottest bug we have on the Facebook platform recently is “We cannot submit app to Facebook’s App Directory”.

I have made a thread in the Facebook Developer Forum sticky so as draw everyone’s attention on the issue and hopefully to avoid duplicated posts on the same issue.  It is located here.

The bug report in Facebook’s Bugzilla is located here.  It is interesting enough to note that Richard had said,

This is terrible, I have been waiting patiently for a week trying to submit my new app.  This isn’t a super issue for me, since I don’t see much upside to being included, but the fact that it has been down for this long is surprising. The threads have no response,  and neither does this bug.  This, along with the javascript resize issue that appeared today, has given me a negative opinion of facebook’s attitude towards app developers.  I agree with previous commenter, this should be terrible publicity but is ignored by bloggers and tech media.  It almost seems like this got assigned to a black hole and forgotten about.

My feedback is,

ignored by bloggers?  that is not exactly…. at least I have tried to draw people attention in my blog:

Apparently, the best way to have Facebook fixing a bug is to make some noise.  Yet, I think the noise should be consolidated.  Getting multiple threads, bug reports may give someone an impression that those separated cases are not related.  This is why I made sticky thread and post the information / opinion here in my blog.

The latest update on this issue is from Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle 2011-06-01 01:35:51 PDT (-) [reply] ——-
A fix for this has been committed, and should be pushed sometme in the next day; this will fix the submitapp.php issue.

Let’s bet if the “fix” will be working or not!  🙂

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  1. takwing says:

    this had been fixed

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