Faceook team – We want stability instead of new features and buggy platform!

From time to time, we are seeing Facebook releasing this features, new integration points, new methods of data access.  For example, new feature on the Send Dialog for integrated private sharing is released today (please refer to Facebook Developer Blog for details).

Getting new features in the platform nice.  However, I believe most of the Facebook developers would prefer Facebook team to focus on fixing those outstanding bugs, increasing the stability, consistency and performance of the platform.  There are even issues that are not exactly bugs because we causing big troubles to Facebook developers, such as

  • Not able to verify a profile via SMS so as to make the profile a developer profile so that it can be used register Facebook apps
  • Improve the so-called auto-bot that bans those spamming apps.
    There are so many cases that well-behaved and TOS compliant apps are banned while those spamming apps are flowing around in the world!

Besides, I think Facebook team should allocate a bit of the available on looking after the Facebook Developer Forum.  Everyday, there are queries, bug reports, suggestions etc coming in. It is good if someone from the team can provided necessary clarification or feedback.

If you are a Facebook developers, what do you think?

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2 Responses to Faceook team – We want stability instead of new features and buggy platform!

  1. scraly says:

    I am agree with you,
    it’s good to put in production some new features but it’s better to fix important existing bugs :).

    One most are:
    – not able to create a developer profile (code in sms never received…)
    – some issues with comments box put in page’s tab and moderation

    • takwing says:

      though I am not affected by the “not able to create a developer profile”, I agree that this is the most annoying, “mysterious” bug/problem in the facebook platform.

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