Facebook Platform limitation – max-width of photo incorrectly stated in Graph API doc

While the Facebook new Timeline profile is coming, we are able to use a bigger picture/photo to decorate our own profile page.

While the cover photo is of size 850x315px, if you are try to develop app that manipulate the cover photos, you will notice that it works perfectly for the upload path (i.e. Facebook allow us to upload photo of this size).  However, if you try to manipulate existing cover photos owned by the user, you will notice that Facebook does not return the original sized picture.

If you try to solve this problem by checking  the Facebook documentation, you will be getting disappointed / wasting your time.

According to fb FQL doc : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/fql/photo/
The “src_big” field has a max-width of 720px only and will be increased to 960px on 1Mar2012.  OK, this is why I have the problem….. it’s my fault that I do not check the documentation.

In the Graph API doc: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/fql/photo/
it is said that “source” is “The full-sized source of the photo”. So, it seems that I can solve my problem by getting the picture via Graph API. However, I have checked that the width of this “full-sized source” is also 720px.  In other words, the documentation is not-updated (Original, Facebook support storing photo with a max-width of 720px only and so this is correct.  However, the max-width supported is increased earlier).

A bug report has been opened for this.  Hopefully, Facebook will update the documentation page shortly.

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