Facebook now supports Multiple Domains in the Developer App

According to the recent Developer Blog,

We have heard from developers that only being able to set one App Domain in the Developer App is sometimes not enough. For example, if you are redirecting users for geographic distribution of load, you may want to redirect some users to a URL in the myapp.com domain, while redirecting others to a URL in the myapp.co.jp domain. Now, you can do this in the Developer App. Simply set multiple domains in the App Domain field.

Now, you can specify a redirect_uri in either domain. Your App’s URL (Website and/or Mobile Web URL) must be derived from one of the domains listed in the App Domain field.

I just wonder who those developers are.  It is pretty clear that they should be coming from the big companies… at least big to the extent that they are multiple domains for their companies.

For me, load balancing server is used to distribute the loading across multiple servers and that is for a single domain.  That means my company is not big enough. 🙂

Anyway, it is good to see new feature(s) coming out.

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