Facebook New Features – Application Roles and Security Features

Today, Facebook has released a set of features that aim to make Facebook Platform application management more secure!

For details, see the following Developer Blog: Application Roles and Security Features

Basically, other than getting a single role of “developer in managing the application, the following application roles can now available:

  • Administrator – complete access to the application and all its settings
  • Developer – can modify all technical settings and access Insights but cannot reset secret key, delete application, or add additional users
  • Tester – can test the application in sandbox mode but cannot modify the application
  • Insights User – can access Insights but cannot modify the application

This feature is really a nice one!

For example, we can now invite our client to become a tester so that they can test the application.  In the pasrt, allowing a client to test the application mean opening the application to the public.

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