Facebook Development FAQ – Monthly Update Summary (May)

In May2011, the following FAQs are added/updated:

  • Accessing Facebook Data
    Can I get the list of permissions granted to my app by using the access token?
  • The Graph API
    How to know what permissions a user has granted to my app?
    The start time of the event created is different from what I have specified. Why?
    How can I delete or cancel an event?
    How can I get my family member list?
  • The JavaScript SDK
    Why Facebook Dialog is displayed as a new popup window instead of an overlay/iframe inside my app canvas area?
  • Facebook Query Language (FQL)
    How can I execute FQL query in my application?

You can access my FAQ at Facebook Development FAQ.

You can also get ebook version at http://www.fb-developers.info/tech/fb_dev/dl_area/index.php#fbfaq

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