Facebook Development FAQ – Monthly Update Summary (Aug)

In Aug2011, the following entry is updated/added to my “FAQ for Facebook Development”:

  • Accessing Facebook Data
    1. Can I get the list of permissions granted to my app by using the access token?
    2. How to retrieve ids of the users to whom app requests are sent to?
    3. What is the Max length of ‘message’ on wall?
  • Authentication
    1. Why the authentication code in my app works in some browsers but doesn’t in some browsers
  • IFrame Canvas Application
    1. How can I determine the language used by the user in browsing Facebook pages without requesting permission or even login?
  • JavaScript SDK
    1. How to allow user to choose friends and send apprequest to only those who have not already authorized application?
  • Application Tab
    1. I have set the default landing page for my page but it does not work. Why?

You can access my FAQ at Facebook Development FAQ.


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