Facebook Developer Program – that is what you are looking for!?

This is what Apple says about his iOS Developer Program,

iOS Developer Program
The fastest path from code to customer

I am looking forward to see Faecbook Developer Program, some slogans that I can think of include,

Facebook Developer Program
The saftest place for running your Facebook apps

Facebook Developer Program
All that you need to save you from headaches

Facebook Developer Program
No more verification required

Facebook Developer Program
That is how you escape from the auto-bot

I don’t mind paying usd99 a year if

  • I don’t need to verify my Facebook developer account
  • Facebook can review my app before it is launched in non-sandbox mode so that other Facebook users can access it (as long as that protect me from the auto-bot’s attack).  This also eliminates most of the spamming apps and avoid my well-received apps to be banned suddenly.
  • Facebook is to spend the money on getting more resources for improving its documentation, providing timely support and stable platform

Another beauty of the Apple iOS Developer program is,

If you intend to enroll in a paid Developer Program for business purposes, you may prefer to create a new Apple ID that is dedicated to your business transactions and used for accounting purposes with Apple.

I understand that it is Facebook’s policy that every one get only one profile.  I am not asking for more than this.  But it won’t be nice if we can have some settings to control whether to expose / isolate my developer related activity from my personal activity.  May be a concept of “role” can be applied.  User profiles can have a user mode and a developer mode.

What do you think? If there is such a program, will you join?

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  1. Ozner says:

    I would join at once!

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