Facebook Cover Photo Creator (Web Site) v1.0 Released!

Be quick in getting this new exciting  products – before other competitors having their site up and running!

If you want to get it, visit my marketplace at http://www.fb-developers.info/tech/fb_dev/market/index.php.

Live Demo at:

Web Site Features

  • Yes! This is running as a standalone website with Facebook integrated!
    • It is not a canvas application! and you can drive the traffic there easily!
  • Help user create his/her cover photo easily
  • EVERY cover photo has its own Like button..
    • When a user “likes” individual banner, a wallpost will be generated automatically by Facebook in the user’s wall. That means more traffic!
  • Support categories for cover photos with category menu
  • Support user to upload his own photo for creating his own cover photo
  • Customizable no. of photos displayed in each user page with “Next/Prev Page” navigation system
  • The photo list is sorted by the popularity of the banners.
    • “Latest” category is also included.
  • Admin panels for managing categories and adding new cover photos. No more manual editing or file upload! Features of the admin panels include
    • managing the categories
    • uploading jpeg files from local hard disk and get them auto-resized as cover photos
    • setting the categories for uploaded templates
  • Standard “Like”, “Rate Us” and “About” features available in the website.

Other Features of the site

  • Build on top of the PHP SDK and the JavaScript SDK, using the Graph API
  • Complaint to Facebook Latest Roadmap for 1Oct2011

Web Site Requirement

  • Hosting that can run Facebook Application using PHP SDK and JavaScript SDK
  • MySQL database
  • Support mod-rewrite via .htaccess
  • Your server has to include the PHP GD library.
    • Most of the hosting should support this already (even the free plan in joyent.com support this). I just list it here for “safety purpose”.

Screen shots:

  • Web Site main page:
  • Sample Cover Photo Created
  • Admin Panel for Managing Categories
  • Admin Panel for Managing Templates
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