Facebook App Directory – No more Facebook Apps allowed / to be approved?

In the past, right after we get enough MAU, we can submit our Facebook apps to the App Directory so that other people can search for it.

The approval process is pretty fast in the past. However, recently, it has been reported by many people that the submitted apps still remain in the “approval pending” status for a long period of time (talking about days).

As expected, numerous threads are created by different developers in the Facebook Developer Forum.  Sample threads include:

This is expected as this is a common issue in the Facebook Platform that all developers encounter. However, all these thread belong to the  “why”, “any help”, “please fix” group.  So far, I have seen NONE of them has reported the issue to Bugzilla.

Frankly speaking, I understand that while the developer forum is an official one, people may expect the Facebook team to take a look at that and get noticed about the problem reported.  However, it seems to me that this is not the case.  That forum is official, but most likely up to the point that it is an official place where the developers are expressed their view, asked questions and get help from other developers.   It is not the official channel for getting support and reporting bugs.

So, next time, if you get a problem that you believe it is a platform bug.  If you want to get the team to look at it, raise a bug report in Bugzilla, get other developers to vote for it.

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4 Responses to Facebook App Directory – No more Facebook Apps allowed / to be approved?

  1. Wrigs says:

    Delay in directory approval bug opened by Flyronaldo , closed by FB “not a platform issue ” (I must admit I agree – an admin backlog issue?) and reopened by Flyronaldo.

    I’ve added my vote.

  2. takwing says:

    a bug is opened here by Flyronaldo : http://bugs.developers.facebook.net/show_bug.cgi?id=18481

    According to Facebook team, this is not a platform bug.

  3. Clouds says:

    I have another question. What is the benefit of submitting an app to Facebook App Directory? As I remember somebody have said that it is not really nesscessary because your app still work without submitting it. And that’s seem to be true, I have some apps that never submitted but still work fine here. So, why should we submit?

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