Enhanced Canvas for Facebook Apps

Facebook has today announced a few enhancement on the canvas area, including

  • Adding Bookmarks to the upper-right corner of every canvas page.
    According to Facebook, this aims to improve user re-engagement.  However, as we already have similar bookmarks on the left-hand column bar, I doubt the effectiveness of this enhancement.
  • Showing Real-time social app activity under the upper right Bookmarks section
    Facebook will automatically generate ‘playing’ and ‘using’ stories in the ticker when friends use an app or play a game respectively.  I think this is a bad and annoying (just imagine you get a lot of friends playing games… the tickers simply keep flickering).
  • Game stories
    Besides the automatic stories, Facebook is also launching new Graph APIs for achievements and scores.  With this, you can publish stories for user’s achievements, passing friends’ scores, or leaderboard movement to make game play more competitive, social and exciting for the users. I love it!
    I think users and their friends are more interested in this kind of Game stories when compared with the real-time social app activity.
  • New “Fluid” option for Canvas area
    This is a new option in the FB app settings.  Fluid Canvas allows us to make the app left aligned so it takes up the full height and width of the user’s browser.  This is GREAT!  So from now on, we are no longer limited to the well-known 760-pixel limitation!  For user running at 1920×1080 resolution, we probably get the canvas width doubled!  Woo!

Let’s try out these new features!

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