Confirmation required when a user clicks the Facebook “Like” buttons

Recently, Facebook has “enhanced” its social Like plugin that after click the Like button, the button will be changed into a “confirm” link.

According the what the administrator said in the Facebook Developer Forum,

The confirm button is a response to the recent batch of like-jacking attacks on the Like buttons. In certain cases when we suspect a page might be involved in like-jacking based on usage patterns, we include the additional Confirm step. If you send me the URL of the page containing the Like button in question, I can look into this further.

The intention is good… but just like the auto system for banning applications, we don’t know how Facebook determines that a page is involved in like-jacking.  In fact, I have developed a new application today and when I add the Like button in my application, the “confirm” link appears!

I know I am not implementing “like-jacking” but why my application is determined as “may be involved in like-jacking”!?

Instead of changing the button as a “confirm” link, I think it would be better if a popup is displayed automatically and ask for user’s confirmation.

P.S. The detail discussion on the subject, you can refer to the thread Like button changes to confirm button in the Facebook Developer Forum. In fact, if I had not read that thread before, I don’t know what is the meaning of the “confirm” link!

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