Bug fixed – Test User profile pic updated can now be obtained via Graph API

Do you test your Facebook apps by using Facebook Test Users?

For me, the answer is yes.  I cannot say it is perfect.. but with the recent enhancements released by Facebook on managing test users in the Facebook dev app, thing gets easy now. Together with my own Test Users Management tools (which is more powerful than what Facebook provides), testing my apps with test users is now easy.

Having said that, I think we may still encounter issues related to the use of test users.  These issues can be grouped as

  • Limitation that Facebook imposed on test users
    For example, there is a limit on the max. no. of test users you can have for each app, test users cannot interact with real Facebook object (such as Facebook pages) etc
  • Bugs
    This mainly relates to how test users behaves.

For the first category, we can do nothing about it and I don’t think Facebook is going to change it (unless there is a strong reason and pushing force for the change).

For the bugs, I think that relies on us!  If we encounter a bug / strange behaviour of test users, I think we should report it to Facebook.  It is good that nowadays Facebook is working hard on fixing those reported bugs.

I have previously reported a bug related to the profile pic of the test users that we obtained via Graph API is not updated. It is good to see that it is fixed now (though the bug status is not updated).

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One Response to Bug fixed – Test User profile pic updated can now be obtained via Graph API

  1. takwing says:

    ok, I am only seeing part of the issue….

    The complete picture is that the update works only for some test users (& they did encouter this problem in the past)… and the problem still exist for some other test users. 🙁

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