Beware of those “first 25,000 that signup get free XXXXXX” Facebook events

Recently, there are quite a number of event invitations floating around in the Facebook world.

What they get in common is that their title are of the form “The first 25,000 that signup get a free XXXXXX”.  The “free” gift can be iPhone, headphones, t-shirts etc.   To get the “free gift”, you have to follow their instructions, usually involving like a page, joining the event and sent out the event invitation to your friends.

Well, I believe all these events are FAKE!!

Trust me!!

If this article get more than 25,000 likes, the first 25,000 that like this article will receive 1,000 USD cash!  With this amount of money, you get a iPhone, a headphone or a t-shirt depending on your own choice.

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