Access Token Lint – A useful tool for debuging access token issues

Having you ever encountered problems like “invalid access token”, “token expired”, “empty returned data” or cases when Facebook reject the requests that your app sent out??

As we all know, all the above issues relate to the access token in the request that we sent to Facebook.  However, it may be difficult to catch some of the cases as the access token is “encrypted” and not much information cannot be obtained even if know the value of the access tokens that causes problems.

But things get changed!

I just notice that there is a tool (newly released?) available in Facebook site that helps to debug (or decode?) access tokens.  It is called Access Token Linter.

Facebook Access Token Linter

As seen in the sample screen, this tool helps to decode an access token and tell you some useful information such as the issuing time, expiry time of the access token and the scopes that it has.

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