A clear, to-the-point and effective way of reporting bug to the team

Have you been reporting bugs to the Facebook team or any technical communities but received a “that works fine” kind of response?

I have seen something interesting (but yet serious) today.  Someone report an issue in the platform to the team.  Someone is kind enough and coming out to clarify the issue by sharing his experience that it works at his end.  It is always good to see people sharing different opinions and experience on a problem / issue (as long as this is done in a friendly manner ….and for sure, the incident that I saw is one of them).

In return, the person reporting the issue has shared a link.  That link leads to a video that service as an evidence of the issue that he has encountered.  The video (screen recording) is done nicely and even with background music!!

I think I cannot do anything better that what he has done in reporting a bug!!

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