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A clear, to-the-point and effective way of reporting bug to the team

Have you been reporting bugs to the Facebook team or any technical communities but received a “that works fine” kind of response? I have seen something interesting (but yet serious) today.  Someone report an issue in the platform to the … Continue reading

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Undocumented Features in Facebook JavaScript SDK and Graph API

From time to time, I have been seeing people doing thing that are not documented in Facebook doc. It is true that those big vendor may have access to private APIs that are not available to the general public. Having … Continue reading

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Facebook Operation Developer Love – Bugs fixed of the week

It is always good to see that Facebook has thought about what to do (and how to do it) to help the developers.  This includes adding features to the Facebook dev platform, keeping it stable, providing updated documentation etc. This … Continue reading

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Improving Facebook Bug Tool – “fix pushed to beta tier”

Recently, I have noticed in the Facebook bug tool that a bug is having a status with something like “fix ready and will be published soon”. If I were the bug reporter, I would be more than happy to see … Continue reading

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Less Effective Discussion among developers now in Facebook StackOverflow and Facebook Group

By looking at the statistical figures published by Facebook, it seems to me that the no. of questions asked in Facebook StackOverflow every week is less than the number of topics created in now-closed Facebook Developer Forum. Well, I understand … Continue reading

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Testing against Facebook Beta Tier

In the latest Facebook Developer blog article, Facebook has recommended us to test our apps against their beta tier. They even said, We update this tier daily with the latest changes, before they go into production. Woo! Daily code update?!  … Continue reading

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Unauthorized Facebook Credit Transactions reported in Hong Kong

It appears in today’s Hong Kong newspaper (Apple Daily) that unauthorized Facebook credit transactions were carried out for a Facebook user. The user claims that his credit card was used to purchase Faecbook credits 5 times recently for a Facebook … Continue reading

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Facebook removes Reviews tab on application profile Page

Recently, Facebook has removed the Reviews tab from application profile pages. According to Facebook, We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall, so we’re removing the Reviews and Discussions … Continue reading

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