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New Bug Tracker in Facebook Dev Platform

Subsequent to making Facebook Developer Forum as read-only, Facebook team has made the bug reporting tool Bugzilla read-only today. For new bugs, they should now be reported to the new bug tracking system at While this tool is new, … Continue reading

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Don’t expect Facebook to revise the Developer Roadmap or postpone the “1Oct deadline”

Just visit the Facebook Developer Roadmap and notice that the format of the roadmap is changed.  Instead of presenting the roadmap as a list of unrelated items or grouped them according to their functional areas, Facebook now presents the roadmap … Continue reading

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Beware of those “first 25,000 that signup get free XXXXXX” Facebook events

Recently, there are quite a number of event invitations floating around in the Facebook world. What they get in common is that their title are of the form “The first 25,000 that signup get a free XXXXXX”.  The “free” gift … Continue reading

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Official PHP SDK documentation released!

Just in case you don’t know, Facebook has just released a new doc set on the PHP SDK.  It is available online at While this is the first version of the doc, it may not be perfect.  Having said … Continue reading

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Fake Report – User reporting policy violation in Facebook Apps

It is both good and bad that Facebook provides a way for users to report spammy FB apps. However, as a Facebook developer that does not intent to break the TOS, I find that all the reports that I received … Continue reading

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Facebook now supports Inline Processing for Canvas Apps via FB.Canvas.SetUrlHandler in JavaScript SDK

In the past, when user clicked on any story or bookmark on the Facebook Page, they will be simply redirected to the related URL of the Facebook app. A new method “FB.Canvas.SetUrlHandler” is recently added to the JavaScript SDK.  It … Continue reading

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My Facebook account is disabled for the 5th time!

This morning, I found that my facebook profile is disabled. This is the 5th time the same thing happened on me!! OK, in the past, support stuff told me that I may be “doing testing” which may be generating a … Continue reading

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Facebook App Insights Now Available in Dev App

In the past, if you want to see your application insights data, you have to visit the Insights Dashboard.  Although link is also provided in the dev app, it take a long time to have the data displayed when you … Continue reading

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