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A new era is coming!

Today is the last day of September 2011 and on 1st Oct, the milestone for OAuth2.0 and SSL migration will be reached! With OAuth 2.0 enforced, any canvas apps or Facebook connected websites that built on top of the old … Continue reading

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Facebook Cover Photo Creator (Web Site) v1.0 Released!

Be quick in getting this new exciting  products – before other competitors having their site up and running! If you want to get it, visit my marketplace at Live Demo at: Web Site Features Yes! This is running … Continue reading

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How to enable timeline for your Facebook profile

As this moment, the timeline feature is still in beta stage and is therefore available to developers only. Having said that, as long as your Facebook profile is verified, you can activiate this by first turning your profile as a … Continue reading

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Another Facebook Canvas App HTTPS migration tip

If you follow the way how the PHP SDK detect whether the user is accessing your canvas app by HTTP or HTTPS, it may be still failed in your environment especially if you are using shared server / web hosting.  … Continue reading

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The Perfect Solution to Resize your Facebook App Canvas

Today, Facebook announces that they are renaming the setAutoResize in the JavaScript SDK to setAutoGrow. It is true that from time to time, people are reporting that autoresize does not work for their canvas apps.  It is in fact good … Continue reading

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Facebook Standard Developer Support Form no longer active

Just notice that the Facebook Standard Developer Support Form is no longer active. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go to and see. This is really a bad news. Although there are links that leading us … Continue reading

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Relationship between Encrypted Access Token and OAuth 2.0

There are people asking questions about encrypted access token and OAuth 2.0. FYI, the encrypted access token migration option in your Facebook App setting is just to control whether your app will be receiving an encrypted access token or not.  … Continue reading

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HTTPS Migration – a tip for you if PHP SDK failed in your environment

Have you started working on OAuth 2.0 and HTTP migration for your Facebook applications? It is not difficult actually but still you need to test it out.  The major issue is probably to handle the external references (e.g. loading remote … Continue reading

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