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Things that Facebook does not tell and won’t let Developers know

I am starting to move all the Facebook development related resources, including tutorial, articles and FAQs, from to Besides, I plan to start a new section called “Things that Facebook won’t let Developers knows”.  That would include missing … Continue reading

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Facebook OAuth 2.0 Authentication Flow – Incomplete Documentation

According to the Facebook Developer Roadmap, all Facebook apps must migrate to OAuth 2.0. If you are to start the migration, no matter you are using the PHP SDK v3.0 or not, I believe you will be reading the Facebook … Continue reading

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Let’s take a break – Funny Fruit Pictures

Getting tired with the devloping Facebook applications, fighting with those bugs or finding workarounds to do what you want on the Facebook platform? Let’s take a break! I have found some funny pictures and would like to share with your … Continue reading

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Facebook App Directory – No more new Facebook Applications allowed

As you should know, Facebook’s Application Directory is a place that list out all the applications available in the Facebook Realm. Once after we finished our applications, we can submit it for free as long as we get the necessary … Continue reading

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Building Facebook Apps with PHP – to use PHP SDK or not?

Do you build Facebook Apps by using PHP? If your answer is yes, then do you use the PHP SDK? There is a discussion in the Facebook Developer Forum going-on what benefits the PHP SDK brings to us and why … Continue reading

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Facebook Like Poster App

Just in case you haven’t tried my new Facebook Like Poster app before, you can check it out at: Facebook Like Poster

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Wishlist for the PHP SDK v3.0

Have you tried the PHP SDK v3.0? Generally speaking, I like the PHP SDK v3.0.  However, there are still some minor issues that I would like to comment on.  The major one that I would like to point out is … Continue reading

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Migrating Facebook Application to use PHP SDK v3.0

Have you tried using the PHP SDK v3.0? I have successfully upgraded one of my existing application from the PHP SDK v2.1.6 to the PHP SDK v3.0. As expected, the migration is not as simple as what the sample code … Continue reading

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