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VirtualBox v4.0.6 Released!

Oracle has just released VirtualBox 4.0.6! It is a maintenance release of VirtualBox 4.0 which improves stability and fixes regressions. See the Changelog at For a complete list of all changes. You can download the binaries here: As … Continue reading

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Facebook new problem in parsing/reading Open Graph Tags

In one of my applications, I have put og tags in the pages that are representing different objects. Like buttons are used with”″ specified as the href so that users can like these objects.  This works fine before…. until today … Continue reading

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Revamping the blog’s color scheme

Just revamped the color scheme of this blog, and removed the header pic. Now, it looks much better.  🙂

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When we learn how to program, is “Following instructions to the letter” good or bad?

As IT guys, I believe most of us are reading articles, documentation, manual, references etc from time to time especially when we are learning new platforms, languages etc. So, should we follow those instructions to the letter?  Well, to me, … Continue reading

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Be careful with Facebook Event “See Who Has Viewed Your Profile!”

Be careful with Facebook Event  “See Who Has Viewed Your Profile!” This event is a spamming one!  It ask you to copy and paste something (a javascript) to the address bar of your browser, saying that you can then see … Continue reading

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The biggest bug / problem that I have encountered so far……

Today, I have encountered the biggest bug / problem since I started working on Facebook development…. That is the access token issue that started happening yesterday. The infinite looping issue is resolved for ALL of my applications by simply enabling … Continue reading

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Infinite Looping when User accesses your application?

Since yesterday, there are a lot of people reporting that their applications do not work anymore. The problem is that when a user access their applications, an infinite looping simply occurs. If you are encountering the same problem, try to … Continue reading

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Debugging Your Facebook Application – Lesson 1

From time to time, there are people seeking help, saying that their applications do not work as expect. Some people may simply ask I want to post to my friend’s wall, but it fails.  What is the problem?…. God knows … Continue reading

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