My view on Styling, Tweaking or Developing Facebook’s ‘Like’, ‘Share’ buttons….

Occasionally, I have seen people trying to hack, tweak, style Facebook’s Like button, Share button or even trying to develop their own buttons that reproduce what the standard buttons do. An example of this is this thread in the Facebook Developer Forum.

I understand that sometimes, the standard Facebook buttons just do not look nice in our own external websites.  However, I am not a css / web design master and does not know how to tweak / hack the style used for displaying the buttons.  The closest that I can find in the web are ways to tweak the settings for those comments / share buttons in static FBML tab.  However, I doubt if the same approach can be used for the new social plugins that use XFBML.

Anyway….. I will just stick with what Facebook has provided to me.  If Facebook can do something like Google does in allowing us to customize the color scheme used for displaying the ads, then it would be very nice!

And talking about implementing our own buttons to like or share something, I have never thought about that.  And I hope there is no ways to do that programmatically… as if this can be done, there would be many web pages that “cheat” us to click on them or do something that would create a “like” or a “share”by using our Facebook account.

Having said that, if you know how to style or develop our own “Like” or “Share” buttons, please let me know.

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