Rewriting my Tutorials for Facebook Development

As my existing online tutorials is somehow a track of my learning experience, so it follows the path:

  • using old php client lib + FBML
  • using php sdk + Graph API
  • using javascript SDK + integrating facebook into website
  • writing iframe canvas app

So, to certain extent, a later set of tutorials assume reader has the knowledge of previous sections (which is unlike my ebook which is self-contained to learn the php sdk, fbml and graph api).

Given that Facebook will not allow new FBML applications anymore in Q1 2011, I plan to rewrite my tutorials…. any suggestions from you all on how to orgainzied them? separate it as “Learning the PHP SDK”, “Learning the Graph API”?

Any suggestions on new topics?

Let’s leave me a comment….

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3 Responses to Rewriting my Tutorials for Facebook Development

  1. Some¸ says:

    Make them easy to separate different sections and that new users will know the difference between them and chose the correct one.

    Anyway, good job and I hope you’ll be able to create some nice tutorial which will be useful and organised.

  2. takwing says:

    thx for the suggestion… as said the tutorials are actually my “real” experience & history in learning facebook development.

    The ebooks are better organized as they are written after the whole set of tutorials was completed … e.g. for the canvas app, people can learn FBML, graph api, php sdk in a smooth flow… I just dont have the time to “re-work” the online tutorials after the ebook is written…

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