PHP SDK Demystified – the Facebook class properties

In the last few articles, we have already taken a look at the following static members of the Facebook class in the PHP SDK:


If you are not that familiar with OO (Object-Oriented) concepts, simply treat these static members as “configuration parameters” of the PHP SDK.

Starting from this articles, we will take a look at other class properties of the PHP SDK. First of all, let’s see how many class properties are defined in the Facebook class:

  /** The Application ID. */
  protected $appId;

  /** The Application API Secret. */
  protected $apiSecret;

  /** The active user session, if one is available. */
  protected $session;

  /** The data from the signed_request token. */
  protected $signedRequest;

  /** Indicates that we already loaded the session as best as we could. */
  protected $sessionLoaded = false;

  /** Indicates if Cookie support should be enabled. */
  protected $cookieSupport = false;

  /** Base domain for the Cookie. */
  protected $baseDomain = '';

  /** Indicates if the CURL based @ syntax for file uploads is enabled. */
  protected $fileUploadSupport = false;

I would classify the above class properties as:

  • Runtime Configuration Related:
    $appId, $appSecret, $cookieSupport, $baseDomain, $fileUploadSupport
  • Runtime Status Related:
    $session, $signedRequest, $sessionLoad

I will explain and give more detailed discussion in the coming articles….

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